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Dir. Eric Pennycoff |  USA  |  2022  |  82 mins 

Father David (Graham Skipper), a catholic priest struggling to grow his congregation, encounters a stranger by the name of Terry (Jeremy Gardner) asleep one morning after mass. Terry is without a home after a fight with his girlfriend Lexi (Taylor Gardner) and with Christmas less than a week away, David offers him a place to stay for the night.

What begins as a simple act of kindness quickly turns complicated as Lexi arrives shortly after with news of being evicted from her house. Unable to turn away this helpless young woman, David allows both her and Terry to stay with him through the holidays on the condition that they open themselves to the healing power of God's love. Yet the harder David tries to reform the lives of these seemingly innocent strangers, the more he himself falls victim to their toxic ways, leading to the belief that their arrival is, in fact, a test from God. Will David pass the test and accept his new houseguests as they are? Or will he set aside the ways of Christ and resort to bloody, Old Testament justice?

Screening with BREATHE + SCOOTER



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