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Dir. Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead  |  USA  |  2022  |  116 mins

Levi (Justin Benson) has temporarily rented an apartment in the Hollywood Hills while he ties up loose ends in preparation to leave LA. He quickly strikes up a rapport with his new neighbour John (Aaron Moorhead), and the two begin swapping stories and cracking jokes like old friends. One day, Levi and John witness an extraordinary occurrence in one of their apartments; an inexplicable event which seemingly points towards the existence the supernatural. After their initial fear has subsided, the pair realise that this discovery could transform their lives, and even bring about fame and fortune. They set about trying to capture evidence of their miracle, meticulously tracking and documenting it, and as their project progresses, the pair begin to tumble down a rabbit hole. With their grip on reality loosening, Levi and John start to uncover the unforeseen dangers of both the mysterious phenomena and their newfound friendship. 

Festival favourites Moorhead & Benson return with SOMETHING IN THE DIRT, an emotionally intelligent and unsettling sci-fi drama, ripe with dark humour and mind-bending plot twists. As we follow the characters on their quest, contemplating conspiracy theories, cults, time travel and extra-terrestrial life along the way, what emerges is poignant portrait of loneliness and friendship, and a yearning to believe. In a chaotic world filled with random occurrences, the film explores our preoccupation with searching for meaning; the irresistible urge to place coincidence on a pedestal, so that we may find purpose and hope in the minutiae of life. 

Screening with MEMENTO MORI



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