Directed by Elza Kephart  |  Canada  |  2020  |  1 hr 17 mins   

At ultra-hip clothing store Canadian Cotton Clothiers, enthusiastic sales clerk Libby (Romane Denis) joins the team as they prepare for their ‘Monday Madness’ event and the launch of an innovative new product: thermally-activated denim jeans that automatically adapt to the wearer’s body size. This exciting new line is under wraps to all but popular social media influencer Peyton Jules (Erica Anderson), who has agreed to pay a visit at midnight to showcase the new collection to her followers. With only a limited amount of time to restock and dress the store and with career prospects hanging in the balance, the pressure is on for the team, but they don’t bank on one of the pairs of new jeans having a murderous mind of its own. With the store locked down until opening, can the team survive the night against these killer jeans?


You’d be forgiven for thinking that a film with a homicidal pair of jeans would go purely for outrageous laughs, and while it certainly has that in abundance, director Elza Kephart doesn’t succumb to total silliness when things get crazy. Much of the action is rendered in a deadpan manner, even in the face of an anthropomorphic pair of denims with the power to bite and slash their way through the long night ahead.  Bloody and hilarious, SLAXX manages to be a savage satire of both the retail industry and the fashion business at large, with a strong social and environmental message embedded within its fabric.