Directed by Steven Kostanski  |  Canada  |  2020  |  1 hr 39 mins   

Mimi and Luke are typical siblings, constantly bickering and getting into childhood mischief. When they unwittingly discover the tomb of an ancient alien overlord whose only desire is the total annihilation of anyone and anything in its path, the kids find themselves in mortal danger. Thankfully, they discover that the monster - who they nickname “Psycho Goreman” (PG for short) – can be controlled using a magical amulet, so they decide to make the most of having an extra-terrestrial demon as their new best friend. In the outer reaches of space, however, PG’s resurrection doesn’t go unnoticed and soon a motley assortment of intergalactic assassins descends on small-town suburbia to attempt to destroy him once and for all.


If ever there was a film that was made for Celluloid Screams, it’s this! Practical FX maestro and Astron-6 member Steven Kostanski (director of Manborg and co-director of The Void) returns with this outrageous and heartfelt mashup of 80’s kids fantasy horror and oddball 90s kids TV. With impressive performances from the film’s two young leads, plus a star turn from Adam Brooks as Mimi and Luke’s laidback dad and some out-of-this-world creature design, PSYCHO GOREMAN is an exhilarating and whimsical rollercoaster of intergalactic mayhem and may just be the film that we all need right now.