Directed by Jonathan Cuartas  |  USA  |  2020  |  1 hr 30 mins


Dwight (Patrick Fugit) and his sister Jessie (Ingrid Sophie Schram) are living a life behind closed doors. The protection of their frail younger brother, Thomas (Owen Campbell), is of grave importance; he is suffering from a mysterious illness and his health is deteriorating. Dependent on Dwight to stay alive, Thomas has needs that must be fulfilled, despite increasing danger to the close-knit family unit. Struggling under the weight of his responsibility, and suffering through the violent atrocities he must commit, Dwight yearns for a different life. To make matters worse, the childlike Thomas longs for contact with the outside world, and his naivety stands to jeopardise everything his family has built to keep him safe. As hearts diverge and the situation becomes even more desperate, it falls to the fiercely protective Jessie to keep the family together. And it quickly becomes apparent that she will stop at nothing to do so. 

With his sparse frame and claustrophobic milieu, Director Jonathan Cuartas’ sombre debut feature delivers a bleak, bloody portrait of guilt and isolation. A dark family drama imbued with mythology and contrasting realism, 'MY HEART...' is an intimate and compelling twist on a familiar horror trope, explored from the point of view of a family crumbling under the burden of responsibility and driven by unconditional love.

Screening with REGRET + OH DEER!