Directed by Devereux Milburn  |  USA  |  2020  |  1 hr 46 mins   

Sam (Sawyer Spielberg, in his debut role) and Riley (Malin Barr), are a young couple embarking on a road trip through country roads and rural farmland. Their outing takes an unexpected turn when they are kicked off a local campsite, after which their car breaks down, forcing them to pack up their belongings and seek help at the nearest farmhouse. They are greeted by farmer Karen (Barbara Kingsley) who introduces them to her son Gunni, who remains strangely quiet. Karen is warm and welcoming, and cheerfully prepares food for the couple while they wait for their car to be fixed. As Gunni looks on in his peculiar silence, and Karen reveals more about her life, a sense of unease starts to take hold. The couple experience bizarre hallucinations and insatiable cravings, but these are nothing compared to the unspeakable horror they are about to face: a gruesome discovery that pushes their nightmare beyond anything they could ever have imagined.

Filmmaker Devereux Millburn makes his feature debut with HONEYDEW, a unique and truly unhinged Hansel-and-Gretel style fever dream that twists genre conventions with relish. Macabre humour, striking visual language and playful sound design combine to deliver a fresh, stylistic take on the backwoods horror subgenre, topped off with an excruciating plot reveal that takes great care to rub salt in your wounds.