Directed by Steve Villeneuve |  Canada  |  2020  |  1 hr 19 mins   

Fans are the lifeblood of any franchise; anyone who’s ever set foot in a movie or comic convention can surely attest to this. Fans are inspired by the works they hold dear – inspired to create art, collect merchandise and memorabilia, dress up as their favourite characters, produce their own movies and fiction, and to connect with other enthusiasts around the world. The EVIL DEAD franchise is no exception; and that fandom is explored and celebrated in Steve Villeneuve’s brand new documentary HAIL TO THE DEADITES.

Featuring interviews with cast members and fans alike, HAIL TO THE DEADITES explores the many facets of THE EVIL DEAD’s cult following. Whether it’s the 1981 classic with its low budget shocks, its 1987 sequel with lashings of slapstick gore, the time-travelling romp ARMY OF DARKNESS, the comics, the TV show, or even the musical – all fans are represented here, from the collectors, conventioneers and cosplayers to the filmmakers and musicians whose own creativity has been inspired by Sam Raimi's classic tale of blood and boomsticks. Fans whose lives have been shaped and defined by the franchise share their memories and stories with us in earnest; moments of joy, heartbreak and vulnerability allow us to glimpse their humanity, feel the comfort of the community, and reflect on the power of the films that connect us.


Crafted with a great deal of love and respect, HAIL TO THE DEADITES is a poignant reminder that for many people, EVIL DEAD, and indeed horror as a whole, is home.