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Dir. Isaac Ezban |  Mexico  |  2022  |  99 mins  |  UK Premiere

Little Luna is suffering from an affliction and her parents Rebecca and Guillermo are desperate to find a cure as no treatments seem to work. At their wits end, they decide to take Luna and her older sister Nala to the countryside to stay with their grandmother Josefa, who they’ve never met. Acting in what initially seems to be an eccentric way, Josefa’s behaviour becomes far more sinister when the girls’ parents have left. After listening to a bedtime story from Josefa’s housemaid Abigail, Nala becomes convinced that the tales are true and that an unspeakable evil is coming for Luna. As horrific events begin to unfold, Nala is forced to gather her courage to defend her sister against the evil that is lurking within the house.


At the end of a whirlwind weekend of horror, EVIL EYE is here to take you on one last terrifying rollercoaster thrill ride through Dominican myths and Mexican folklore. Fairytale elements meld beautifully with gnarly practical effects and a bombastic score to create a film that is certain to send a shiver down your spine. Alongside a diabolical turn from Mexican icon Ofelia Medina as Josefa, special mention must go to the film’s young leads Ivanna Sofia Ferro and Paola Miguel, whose performances bring an emotional resonance in the face of horrifying imagery. In his first horror feature, director Isaac Ezban brings to the screen a frenetic, bloodthirsty tale of witchcraft that is a perfect way to round off Celluloid Screams 2022.



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