Director: Paul W.S. Anderson | USA/United Kingdom | 1997 | 96 mins

Upon receiving a distress signal from the Event Horizon, a deep space research vessel which disappeared 7 years prior, the Lewis and Clark rescue crew is dispatched to investigate. On board with the rescue crew is Dr Weir, the architect of the Event Horizon, who explains that the ship was originally designed to allow mankind to travel faster than the speed of light by opening a rift in the space-time continuum. Upon arrival, the Event Horizon appears to be deserted, however the crew soon uncover distressing footage of the ship’s previous inhabitants, suggesting they had mutilated each other in a violent, demonic frenzy. Furthermore, the rescue crew begin to suffer terrifying visions, each one tormented with manifestations of their deepest fears and demons. As the danger of their situation becomes apparent, so too does the horrifying reality of where the Event Horizon has really been… and what it has brought back with it.

From the hauntingly cavernous and cathedral-like ship, replete with echoing walkways and shadowy gothic corridors, to the metallic, mechanical evil of the sinister gravity drive, the bold aesthetic of Paul W.S. Anderson’s cult classic Event Horizon remains unparalleled in the genre to this day. The ship is an ominous character in and of itself; a ‘haunted house in space’ which evokes a persistent sense of dread, deeply atmospheric in its empty grandeur. Featuring an ensemble cast, striking sci-fi production design and a hellish, gore-heavy final act, Event Horizon is an unforgettable experience which we’re thrilled to present on the big screen.

Screening with NOVA + PLEASE HOLD