Director: Jacob Gentry | USA | 2021 | 104 mins

Chicago in the late ‘90s. At the dawn of a new age of digital media, James works as a video technician on the graveyard shift, transferring broadcast video tapes to DVD for archival purposes. In the middle of a tape transfer, he stumbles across a strange phenomenon: an evening news broadcast abruptly interrupted by the image of a masked figure speaking with a strange distorted voice. James soon discovers that this unusual occurrence is one of a number of live television signal hijacks or “intrusions” that have taken place in recent years, several of which remain unsolved. As he delves deeper into the mystery behind the disturbing broadcast, James begins to believe that this is more than a mere prank and that the unsolved missing person cases in the city (including his wife Hannah, who disappeared without a trace three years earlier) may be connected to it. Following the trail of clues that he finds leads James down a rabbit-hole of conspiracy and obsession that could be his undoing.


Inspired by a series of similar real-life incidents, some of which have never been solved, BROADCAST SIGNAL INTRUSION is a conspiracy thriller for the modern age. Set during a time period of digital innovation when the internet was in its infancy, this fiendishly intricate film takes us into a labyrinth of paranoia and confusion where the truth is always elusive and the answers we seek may not be the ones that we eventually find.

Screening with ARIA + BUG BITES!