Director: Seth A. Smith | Canada | 2020 | 104 mins | UK Premiere

As a deadly new disease is wreaking havoc across the globe, parasitologist Fret (Anna Hopkins) is working towards finding a cure. Time is not on her side; vast numbers of people have already died, and a loved one is starting to display the sinister trademark symptoms. After many hours spent in the lab, Fret steps outside to take a break, and is knocked unconscious by a mysterious assailant. She awakes entangled in a network of tubes and pipes inside what appears to be a human-sized tin can. Fret is no stranger to these vessels; they were designed to function as a life-suspension chamber in which to wait out the deadly plague. Why has she been placed in one? How much time has passed? With no knowledge of the situation in the outside world, a terrified Fret struggles to comprehend her imprisonment, and sets about trying to escape.

Seth A Smith's post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror explores themes which resound with an unfortunate pertinence these days, but there is a great deal more to be discovered in TIN CAN than an infectious pathogen. Fans of The Crescent will recognise Smith’s bleak, sparse frame and cool-toned minimalistic milieu, but ought not to be reassured by its familiarity. The film’s suffocating claustrophobia combined with elements of body horror and sci-fi medical aesthetic creates a unique viewing experience, which becomes all the more distressing once the world outside Fret’s chamber is finally revealed.

Screening with FREYA + SURVIVERS