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Director: Mickey Keating | USA | 2021 | 83 mins

​​On her deathbed, Ava Aldrich gave strict instructions to her daughter Marie to not allow her remains to be repatriated to the remote island of Lone Palm where she was born. Despite this clear request, however, under the legal terms of Ava’s will, this is exactly what has happened. After receiving a letter from the cemetery’s caretaker advising that her mother’s grave has been vandalised, Marie travels to the island resort with her husband to deal with the damage. Marie locates her mother’s desecrated headstone but fails to find the caretaker, and they embark on a search for answers from the island’s unwelcoming locals in a race against time before the island closes until the spring and the bridge goes up. Marie soon discovers that there is something very, very wrong with this place and that they may have unwittingly fallen prey to a nightmare curse spanning generations.

With his sixth feature, director Mickey Keating has created a southern gothic gem that further cements his status as one of the finest directors working today. Combining the ethereal dread of early 80s Fulci with a chilly and palpable Lovecraftian menace (not to mention the tone and stylistic devices of coastal terrors such as Gary Sherman’s DEAD AND BURIED and John Carpenter’s THE FOG), OFFSEASON is a film that wears its influences proudly upon its sleeve and yet still manages to carve out its own cinematic niche. With outstanding performances from indie genre stalwarts Jocelin Donahue, Joe Swanberg and Jeremy Gardner, this disorientating horror fable will haunt your dreams for a long time to come.

Screening with YOU'RE DEAD HELEN