Boys From County Hell_Still_001.JPG


Directed by Chris Baugh  |  United Kingdom / Ireland  |  2020  |  1 hr 30 mins   

You probably wouldn’t associate the small Irish town of Six Mile Hill with Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but according to town resident Eugene Moffat (Jack Rowan), you absolutely should. Eugene loves to regale wide-eyed tourists with tales of Bram Stoker’s visit Six Mile Hill, where he was inspired by a local legend of a bloodsucking creature buried under a pile of rocks on the moors.


When he’s not winding up gullible tourists, Eugene spends his time downing pints in the local pub, much to his overbearing father’s disappointment. Determined for Eugene to make more of himself, his father appoints him as foreman on the family construction team, tasked with the controversial job of digging through the moors to make way for a new road. After the rocks are dismantled, strange occurrences on site have Eugene and his team feeling a little spooked, and they begin to question whether there is any truth to the legend. Their worst fears are confirmed as darkness falls - they must fight to survive the night using whatever tools (and heavy machinery!) they can get their hands on. As the true power of their deadly opponent is revealed, one thing is for sure: Bram Stoker didn’t know the half of it.


Director Chris Baugh offers up a raucous, blood-splattered treat with BOYS FROM COUNTY HELL; a ferociously entertaining and sharply funny vampire caper boasting delightfully gory effects and authentic character dynamics at the core of its bloody heart.