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We are pleased to announce the members of the Celluloid Screams 2021 Short Film Competition jury.

These jury members will be viewing all 32 short films in our line-up, and narrowing them down to a selection for Bronze, Silver, and Gold prize winners. With so much variety in our shorts programme this year, this won’t be an easy task!

This year’s jury consists of three industry professionals who share a passion for genre cinema, and are highly accomplished in their individual fields. Each member brings a unique perspective to the process of analysing and evaluating these incredible shorts. It’s been very exciting to bring this talented group together, and we’re really looking forward to finding out which films they’ve chosen as the winners. 

Rose Butler

Rose Butler is Programme and Audience Development Coordinator at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield. She is also currently completing a PhD in horror cinema and costume design at Sheffield Hallam University where she also teaches as a visiting lecturer. She was the co-founder and organiser of the Fear 2000 conference series (2016-19) and has published work on genre film and television. Rose is currently working on an article covering the development of the vampire’s costume in film.

Zoë Rose Smith

Zoë Rose Smith is a film journalist specialising in anything extreme, with a penchant for nasty, gory and controversial horror films and books. She is the founder of Zobo With A Shotgun website, podcast and YouTube. She is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Ghouls Magazine. You can find her work on Second Sight’s The Guest release, Moving Pictures Film Club, Beyond Horror: The History and Sub-Culture of Red Films, Soho Horror Film Festival, ù Teen Screams documentary, We Are Horror, Scream Horror Magazine, The Evolution of Horror podcast, Mad About Horror, Jumpcut Online and Scream the Horror Magazine.

Maritte Sørensen
Maritte Sørensen holds an MA in film and media production from the University of Lund. She has since 2012, been involved in several film festivals in the south of Sweden, with her home base at Lund Fantastic Film Festival, where she took over as festival director from 2018 to 2020. Furthermore she works as a pitch producer and projects manager at M:brane - a pitch forum for youth content and a programmer and programming coordinator at Cold Hawaii Surf & Film Festival, in Denmark. Maritte enjoys ultra violent films, but balances it out with a good amount of k-drama.

The winning shorts will be announced at our closing gala on Sunday 24th October. You can view a full list of our short films here

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